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Alright yay!! Challenge 3 info!!!


For each challenge there will be three pictures whether they be from Newsies or the actors. Now you out of the three pictures you can make THREE icons. You CANNOT blend images unless you are blending the same picture with itself. So basically one image per icon.

- You can submit a total of THREE icons (one image per icon)
-You can only use the images provided with this post.
- You may not use text unless it is too small to read (like a brush) any gradients or textures you wish to use are fine.
-No animation
-Icon must fit LJ standards 100x100 no more that 40KB
-Submit icons in this standard

Banner: yes/no
Icon URL
For those who don't know what a banner is it is a banner that is given to the 1st,2nd,3rd, and mod's choice. So if you win, do you want one?

Alright those are the rules if you have any questions comments, comment here and I will answer them. And remember to have fun!! :)

Alright and mega thank you to cursetheflame for the lovely caps!!

^Oh you know you love that picture ; ) ^

Alright the deadline is Wednesday at midnight!(If I don't think I have enough entries we will extend it) If I get any past that time I'm sorry :( I can't count them. Voting will be on Thursday and end Thursday night at midnight. Then banners and winners will be posted Friday. Followed by the next challenge

Submit your icons to this post. Don't worry comments will be screened so other people won't see your icons!

Have fun and good luck everyone!! I'm very excited!

Remember questions post a comment here!

Do not post your icons is any other community!

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